Sunday, July 24, 2011

my husband is talented

here's a little video of our latest adventure with the fam

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

just a thought

i am lucky because i get to see this (or something very much like it) every morning.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a perfect little tree

dear love,

just yesterday i was telling my dear friend brittany that i never blog anymore because nothing funny/weird/interesting has happened to me lately (which, as you know, are the things i normally blog about). life has been soooooo good, don't get me wrong, i just haven't felt like i have much to say that would be interesting. well, how untrue that was!

i got home from taking a final, working, and going to the gym to a husband who had cleaned the ENTIRE apartment. we're talking nooks and crannies, bathroom, sheets washed, the whole shebang. then he told me he had a surprise for me later. so, he opened our chest at the foot of the bed and pulled out these supplies and told me we were going to make our own christmas tree. here's how it turned out.

it was sooo fun! the tree might look a little sad to you, and maybe even a little crooked but i think it's perfect. the pine cones smell like cinnamon and our little apartment is now officially Christmas-y.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i'm thankful for

i love reflecting on all the things i'm grateful for--especially this time of year. i am now going to attempt to enumerate these things mostly for my benefit, but feel free to read on.
  • my husband! i don't know anyone better. look at this face!
  • the gospel: truth, temples, worship, happiness, progression
  • family: mom, dad, step mom, jordie, ted, charis, rich, ami, katie, kelly. and then there's my new family who i am so grateful for too: millard, jo, tiffany and her fam, matney and her fam, tyler, and emry. love you all! and then there's my list of millions of amazing aunts, uncles, cousins who i love so much!
  • friends: there are some friends who have really been instrumental in my life. let's start from the beginning. amy, alex, shweta, nina, kristen, danielle, kalisha, brittany, dana, lindsey, alyssa, sheila, cari, carolyn, katherine, danielle, elizabeth, karlee, chantal...on and on. thank you all for being such amazing influences in my life.
  • music: new fav of the month = the weepies
  • computers
  • school: even though i complain about you oh-so-much, i still really do love you.
  • good food
  • work: it's great to have a job where i feel like i'm helping people! and i even have my own little space heater by my computer which is yet another thing i'm grateful for.
  • good knives
  • moments where you love sooo much that it kind of hurts
  • thanksgiving! best holiday ever.
  • getting money from the government to go to school. CASHMONEY
  • sleeping in
  • mountains: snow in the winter, hiking in the summer!
  • rocks: i'm grateful for these because billie likes these.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

wash your hands

dear love,

please, please, please wash your hands. especially if you are at someone's house, for example, making sushi. if you neglect this important detail, something nasty might happen like infecting multiple people with salmonella. just a thought.

if you're wondering why i bring this up, let's just say i have some experience with this type of food borne illness. it's a nasty one. somehow i feel it's my duty as a member of society to tell the world to wash your hands. i know it's hard sometimes--but do it! the rest of us will thank you.
happy eating! :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a few things

dear love,

just a few things that made me happy today:
  • getting a 95% on my interior design test that i barely studied for and felt like i was guessing the entire time. i must be destined to be the most amazing home-maker ever.
  • crossing off 7/20 of my school things i need to finish before the wedding.
  • speaking of wedding, we're down to 11 days on the countdown, people!
  • i realized that it's candy corn season again. heck to the yes.
  • being in awesome groups for school things. group projects can be awful, but i have the best classmates in the entire world.
that is all.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

awesome people

dear love,

i know it's been a while. but, as promised, i am giving you something worth waiting latest stalker pictures. enjoy!
this girl knows where it's at. can someone plleeeeeease tell me where she found that thing? my birthday is in three weeks...
this is an old one i took over the summer. please notice the amazing choice of shorts overalls with sperry's. can you even???
this is hot off the press! i saw this out my window as i was waiting at a stop light today and i definitely took this right before the light turned green. shhh don't tell, but wow. amazing!